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Personal Details
Occupational details
Interests / Experience
Usual role(s)
Type of Arbitration
Applicant's Declaration
Type of membership applied for

I apply to CamARB to become a member of the category I have indicated above. The facts stated in this application form are true. I believe that I satisfy the criteria for the category of membership for which I apply and that I am a fit and proper person to be admitted as a member of CamARB. I am not aware of any circumstances that would make me unsuitable for membership of CamARB. I understand that, if my application is approved, I will conform to CamARB’s Constitution. I undertake that so long as I remain a member of CamARB I will ensure that if my contact details change, then I will inform CamARB of the change as soon as practicable. I have read and understood CamARB's Privacy Policy.

Once you have completed the form and made the declaration, please pay the £10.00 membership fee, using the button below.
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